How to name a baby? This issue starts to occupy the minds of the parents long before the birth of the baby but in many cases it is an urgent question almost up to the date of registration of the name in the registry offices. The disscusion between both parents or doubts generated mutually by grandparents' tips and other relatives.

More often the final decision is delayed because of the natural desire to think again, to choose, according to parents' opinion parents, the most modern, unusual, popular, lucky name for the baby. To tell the truth, most difficulties associated with the proccess of choosing the name, are often connected with the relatively bad awareness of young parents concerning the origin and the semantic meaning of names.

The names which are cited in our articles purport to the holeness and the perfection of the selection, and are intended to be a guide for young parents when they are staying on the way of choosing the name for the baby. For those who are interested in the origin of names, we can offer the list of names and their interpretation and meaning, included in our List.